MRB 2015 Anthology

A retrospective for 2015

IceStormPowerLinesAre you buried under a gargantuan mound of snow?

Has Snowmagedon ’16 got you hunkered down eating food from a can as you wait for the apocalypse to pass?

Or do you live in New Zealand and have no idea what I’m talking about?

Either way we’ve got your weekend reading and listening covered. Marginalia published incredible pieces in 2015 and we present a few of them here.

Happy reading and listening!


J. Kameron Carter gave us a poetic commentary on the Charleston tragedy, Hold: Or, Charleston USA (A Poem for the Emanuel 9)

Our radio hosts produced a ton of fantastic shows including:

  • Sarah Eltantawi took us on a deep look into ISIS with Bernard Haykel on her show, Contemporary Islam Considered
  • Tim Hill and Dan Clanton talked with Melina Abdullah about #BlackLivesMatter and black Protestant activism in the fifth episode of their show, Impolite Conversation
  • Art Remillard talked with Luís León about his new book The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez: Crossing Religious Borders on the twenty-seventh episode of First Impressions
  • Dave Krueger talked with Kelly Brown Douglas about her book Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God on the thirty-seventh episode of First Impressions
  • Joseph Kelly interviewed John Dominic Crossan about his book How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian.
  • Kristian Petersen talked with Lisa Stampnitzky about the invention of terrorism on his show, Directions in the Study of Religion.

Monica Miller and Christopher Driscoll talked with Anthony Pinn about God’s obituary in their series, Conversations in Black.

We published several forums including:

Scott C. Jones introduced and translated from the German Kurt Eggers’s play Das Spiel von Job dem Deutschen. Ein Mysterium (Job the German: A Mystery Play).

Of course, Marginalia Review of Books published a good number of book reviews including:

We published quite a few essays including:

And our outstanding blog had posts like:

Lastly, we produced a couple films including:

We hope this anthology will see you through the weekend. Enjoy!