For Contributors

The Marginalia Review of Books is an international, open access review of literature along the nexus of history, theology, and religion. MRB examines, critiques, and illuminates the traditions, institutions, discourses, and practices of religions and their believers. We aim to connect the academic and public worlds by providing an intellectually rich and broadly accessible conversation that does not merely summarize previous work but contributes new ideas.

MRB commissions contributions but the editors are equally interested in hearing from you about those pieces that demand to be written. The editors welcome proposals for book reviews, essays, interviews, and op-eds. Please read below for detailed contributor information.  Email pitches to The Marginalia Review ( with the genre as the subject line.

Forums: Our forums are used in classrooms across the world and have been solicited for publication. For the complete forum guidelines, click here.

Reviews: Contributors are encouraged to use the book under review as a base from which to explore larger intellectual and cultural questions. Our reviews translate the knowledge created in humanities for a broad readership that includes scholars as well as readers outside of academia. We seek reviews that are accessible, intelligent, in-depth, and keep the larger context in view. Please indicate if your review is a simultaneous submission. For the complete review guidelines, click here. 

Essays: We seek essays that situate a thesis in a larger intellectual and cultural context. Essays are not narrowly focused academic articles. We encourage pitches of stimulating pieces and invite potential contributors to read our essays to note the range of styles and voices we welcome. Please indicate if your essay is a simultaneous submission. For the complete essay guidelines, click here. 

Marginal Notes: Marginal Notes are shorter and occasional pieces published on timely topics. If you are interested in submitting a note, please submit a pitch or draft of  750-1500 words to The Marginalia Review ( with Marginal Note as the subject line.


What to Expect after You Submit

All contributors should expect to enter the editorial process with the editorial team, which usually include multiple rounds of edits. In general, we rarely reject pieces that have made it through revisions. However, the decision to publish rests exclusively with the senior editorial team, and pieces may be rejected at any point in the editorial process. Additionally, all decisions about layout (especially images) and titling rest with the senior team. All pieces are assigned an editor for the duration of the acceptance process. Once accepted, the senior team reserves the right to make any additional, final edits for publication.

*We typical respond to pitches within one month of submission.
*Please expect a 6-12 month release date from the time a full draft is accepted.
*You may query the  publication status of any accepted draft after six months.

Archiving and Syndication

MRB supports the rights to one’s own work and encourages contributors to post their reviews on personal and institutional websites. Please include a link to MRB with a mention of the publication details clearly on the page. MRB publishes all works under a Creative Commons license that freely allows the sharing and distribution of all material links. This does not allow any website or blog to republish or reproduce the work as their own or to share the work without a link and redirect to MRB. The license prohibits modification and use for commercial purposes and requires crediting MRB. Our material may also be syndicated by third-party publications, which serves to extend MRB’s reach.