Essay Guidelines

Pitching an Essay

Marginalia brings rigorous academic analysis to the digital commons, providing thoughtful and accessible writing on ideas, religion, and culture. We welcome scholars who wish to serve as public intellectuals in a complementary but wider-reaching forum than traditional academic journals. To that end, we welcome pitches that clearly articulate a central idea or concern and why such an essay is valuable to our readers.

Email pitches to:

Selected Essays | Past Publications

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Technical Guidelines for Essays

Essays should range between 1200-3500 words.

Writers should include their contact information: name, title, phone number and email address at the end of the review. Contact information should be followed by bio of no more than three sentences (you may include a link to website). Please include social media handles.

Times New Roman, 12pt., double spaced,  .doc OR .docx (no PDF)

Essays should not contain footnotes, references to page numbers, or hyperlinks.

Marginalia titles all pieces.