An Interview with Till Schauder, Director of The Iran Job

Schauder takes us behind his new film

IranJob_Poster_13.75_X_19.75The Iran Job is a documentary film about American basketball player Kevin Sheppard, who is signed to play in the Iranian professional basketball league. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Salon, Variety, ESPN, and others have praised the film, calling it timely, funny, and compelling, and for critic Steve Pond it is an early contender for an Oscar.

Using the vehicle of a sports documentary, filmmakers Till Schauder and his wife Sara Nodjoumi explore contested themes of religion, gender, politics, and the complex relationships between this American visitor and his Iranian hosts. The film is now available on iTunes. During a promotional tour through Europe, Till Schauder sat down to talk with Michael Law.



The Iran Job