Advisory Board

Marc Van De Mieroop (Professor of History, Columbia University)
Gebhard J. Selz (Chair of Old Semitic Languages and Oriental Archaeology, Vienna)
Antonio Sagona (Professor of Classics and Archaeology, Melbourne)
James Rives (Kenan Eminent Professor of Classics, Chapel Hill)
Jan Joosten (Regius Professor, Oxford)
John Barton (Emeritus Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of the Holy Scripture, Oxford)
Athalya Brenner (Professor Emerita of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Amsterdam)
Reinhard Kratz (Professor of Old Testament, Göttingen)
Anna Passoni dell’Acqua (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan)
Maren Niehoff (Associate Professor of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Charlotte Hempel (Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism, Birmingham)
Mark Goodacre (Associate Professor in New Testament, Duke)
Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra (Directeur d’Études, École Pratique des Hautes Études Paris)
Willem Smelik (Professor of Hebrew and Aramaic Literature, London)
Joanna Weinberg (James Mew Lecturer in Rabbinical Hebrew, Oxford)
Andrew Louth (Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies, Durham)
Sarah Foot (Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford)
Susan Boynton (Professor of Music, Columbia)
David J. Wasserstein (Professor of History, Jewish Studies, and Classics, Vanderbilt)
Adam Silverstein (Professor, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University)
Anthony Grafton (Henry Putnam University Professor of History, Princeton)
Diarmaid MacCulloch (Professor of the History of the Church, Oxford)
Mona Siddiqui (Professor in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, Edinburgh)
Sholeh Quinn (Associate Professor of History, University of California, Merced)
Ellen T. Charry (Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton)
Joel Rasmussen (Associate Professor in Nineteenth-Century Christian Thought, Oxford)
Aaron Rosen (Lecturer in Sacred Traditions and the Arts, King’s College London)
Nathan Abrams (Director of Graduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Bangor)
Jeremy Begbie (Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology, Duke)
Alan J. Torrance (Professor of Systematic Theology, St. Andrews)
Murray Rae (Professor of Theology, Otago)
David Rechter (University Research Lecturer in Modern Jewish History, Oxford)
Shmuel Feiner (Professor of Modern Jewish History, Bar-Ilan)
Charles Jones (Tombros Librarian for Classics and Humanities, Penn State)

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