Richard J. Callahan, Jr.

callahanrjRichard “Chip” Callahan, Jr. studies religion in America at the University of Missouri, where he serves as Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies. He earned his doctorate at UCSB, where his research focused on the intersection of labor and religion. His first book, Work and Faith in the Kentucky Coal Fields: Subject to Dust, looked at how families in Kentucky used religion to negotiate the changing terrain of life and work with the introduction of coal mining to the region. He is also the editor of New Territories, New Perspectives: The Religious Impact of the Louisiana Purchase. Callahan is currently engaged in studying the religious worlds of seafaring, with particular attention to the global reaches of the nineteenth-century American whaling industry. In all his research, he employs a multidisciplinary approach that is particularly focused on the dynamics of religion in everyday life at the intersections of local and global social, cultural, and economic forces.


Chip Callahan on MRB

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