A First Impressions New Book Guide for #AARSBL2015

First Impressions is a Marginalia Review of Books podcast featuring authors of some of the most important new books in religion, history, and theology. Through the hard work our co-hosts Arthur Remillard, David M. Krueger, Kristian Petersen, and special guest host Simon Rabinovitch, the First Impressions team has released thirty-seven interviews just in the past year. That brings the total number of books featured to fifty-nine since Art Remillard began the show in December 2013. Stay tuned for forthcoming interviews from new hosts Nyasha Junior and Joseph Ryan Kelly.

The following list is a guide to the book exhibits at this year’s American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature conference in Atlanta November 20-24. The exhibitor booths will be in the Hyatt Regency Centennial and Grand Ballrooms. We have listed the booth number and ballroom below to help you find the books.

Click on the links below to listen the First Impressions interview. If you are traveling to Atlanta, listening to Marginalia Radio is a great way to pass the time! We hope to see you there!

Bloomsbury Press (Grand 600) 

Brill (Centennial 1411)

Columbia University Press (Grand 910) 

HarperOne (Centennial 1810)

New York University Press (Grand 1007)

OneWorld Publications (No Exhibit)

Orbis Books (Grand 611) 

Oxford University Press (Centennial 1401) 

Pennsylvania State University Press (Grand 307) 

Rowman and Littlefield (Grand 803)

Rutgers University Press (No exhibit)

University of California Press (Grand 300) 

University of Hawaii Press (No exhibit)

University of Illinois Press (Grand 1012) 

University of Minnesota Press (Available at the Scholar’s Choice table 310 in Grand)

University of North Carolina Press (Grand 1011) 

University of Pennsylvania Press (Grand 306) 

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (Centennial 1908)