Figuring the Unknown

A review of Judith H. Anderson’s Light and Death: Figuration in Spenser, Kepler, Donne, Milton. In 1959, a British novelist and chemist named ... [Read More]

When Literature was Science

Clio Doyle reviews Claire Preston’s The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth-Century England  Science was everywhere in the seventeenth century, especially in literature. ... [Read More]

Landscapes of the Soul

A review of Angel Hill Victorian culture—permeated with spiritualists and séances—concerned itself with death on a personal and intimate level. The public readily ... [Read More]

The Alt-Right Apocalypse

Hindu Eschatology and the Reactionary Mind The election of Trump heralds a “Dark Age” of ignorance and violence, warn standard-bearers of centrist liberal ... [Read More]