Mark DelCogliano

headshotMark DelCogliano is Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he has been teaching since 2009. His research focuses on doctrinal debates, theological developments, and scriptural exegesis in early and late-antique Christianity, with a particular interest in the fourth century. His publications include several translations of patristic texts, over twenty-five articles in journals and edited volumes, and the monograph Basil of Caesarea’s Anti-Eunomian Theory of Names: Christian Theology and Late-Antique Philosophy in the Fourth-Century Trinitarian Controversy (Brill, 2010). He is the founder and organizer of the Minnesota Association for Patristic Studies (MAPS), and also a member of the editorial team of The Cambridge Edition of Early Christian Writings (CEECW). His current work includes a new edition and translation of the fragments of the early fourth-century theologian Asterius of Cappadocia together with a commentry, editing the Christ volume for CEECW, and a contribution to Routledge’s Early Church Fathers series entitled The “Arians”: Traditions of Non-Nicene Theology. For his musings about academic research, writing, and translating patristic works, you can follow him on Twitter @MarkDelCogliano.

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