Peter Gardella

Gardella, PeterPeter Gardella is Professor of World Religions at Manhattanville College and author of American Civil Religion: What Americans Hold Sacred (Oxford, 2014). His previous books are Innocent Ecstasy: How Christianity Gave America an Ethic of Sexual Pleasure (Oxford, 1985), on sex and religion in America; Domestic Religion: Work, Food, Sex, and Other Commitments, on American attitudes toward everyday life; and American Civil Religion: Monuments, Texts, and Images. He is now working on The World’s Religions in New York City: A History and Guide, and on Birds in the World’s Religions (with Laurence Krute).

Peter Gardella on MRB

Peter Gardella on MRB Radio.
July 4th and the 9/11 Museum in American Civil Religion. On the values of American civil religion.


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