Keri Day

keridayKeri Day is Associate Professor of Theological and Social Ethics and Director of Black Church Studies Program at Brite Divinity School. She earned an MA in Religion and Ethics from Yale University Divinity School and received her PhD in Religion from Vanderbilt University. She has written on a wide variety of issues in relation to black religious thought, politics, and economics. Her work has been published in a number of academic journals such as Black Theology: An International Journal, The Journal for the Society of Christian Ethics, and The Journal for Religion, Race, and Ethnicity. In November 2012, her first book, Unfinished Business: Black Women, the Black Church, and the Struggle to Thrive in America, was published by Orbis Books.

Keri Day in MRB

A Politics of Penitence and Repair: Addressing America’s Racial Wounds. In the Political Theology and Divine Violence Forum.