Joshua Rasmussen

jrJoshua Rasmussen is Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at Azusa Pacific University. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. His area of research is in analytic metaphysics, with a focus on basic categories of reality such as objects, ideas, and necessary existence. He has published more than a dozen articles on these topics in peer-reviewed journals and has recently published a book, Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth (Cambridge University Press). He is currently working on his second book, Necessary Existence (forthcoming with Oxford University Press and co-author), which presents new arguments for necessary concrete reality. Rasmussen values humble-minded, rational inquiry and collaboration across disciplines and perspectives.

Joshua Rasmussen on MRB

The Logic of God: A New Look at an Old Reason to Believe. On A. D. Smith’s Anselm’s Other Argument.