Hamza M. Zafer

Contributor Photo for Judd (Zafer)Hamza M. Zafer is Assistant Professor of Classical Arabic and Islam at the University of Washington in Seattle. He received doctoral training at Cornell University in the textual traditions and languages of the late ancient and the early Muslim period in and around Arabia. He served as doctoral fellow with the Mellon-Sawyer Quran Seminar at the University of Notre Dame and is a board member of the International Quranic Studies Association. He is currently finishing work on a book-length project entitled, The Ummah: Quranic and Early Muslim Communalism. He is also researching early Muslim representations of the wives of the prophet Muhammad.

Hamza M. Zafer on MRB

On the Origin of Caliphates. A Review of Steven Judd’s Religious Scholars and the Umayyads.

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