“Marginalia is terrific. In one short year its creators and writers have taught us all how to discuss — and debate — profound humanistic scholarship in a readable and accessible way.” – Anthony T. Grafton

“Marginalia is terribly impressive. The intellectual range, depth, and quality of writing are remarkable.” – Bernard M. Levinson

“Marginalia is a unique publication containing reviews which are scholarly, readable and authoritative on a wide range of subjects and from the pens of acknowledged experts in the field. Such a combination of qualities makes it one of the most exciting academic review journals to appear in recent times.” – J.N. Carleton-Paget

The Marginalia Review of Books is an international, open access review of literature and culture in the nexus of history, theology, and religion. MRB examines, critiques, and illuminates the traditions, institutions, discourses, and practices of religions and their believers. We aim to connect the academic and public worlds by providing an intellectually rich and broadly accessible conversation. We publish every other Tuesday, with some special features appearing at other times.

Marginalia is a Los Angeles Review of Books Channel. LARB Channels are a community of wholly independent, vanguard online magazines specializing in literary criticism, politics, science, the arts and culture, supported by the Los Angeles Review of Books.

To cite a review from MRB, use the date of publication as it appears on the review and the full name, the Marginalia Review of Books, in the following format:

Daniel B. Schwartz, “Move Over, Mendelssohn.” On Eliyahu Stern’s, The Genius: Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism. Marginalia Review of Books, 13 January 2014: http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/archives/5200.

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